Cuts of beef

Cuts of beef


Cuts of beef

Cuts from beef carcass as outlined by AUS-Meat (the Australian National Industry Standards for meat production and processing) include:

From the hindquarter (3 ribs): topside, thick flank, outside, d-rump, tenderloin and striploin.
From the forequarter (10 ribs): navel end brisket, point end brisket, cube roll, blade, chuck roll, chuck tender, shin/shank, thin skirt, flank steak and trimmings.

A beef carcass will yield approximately 68.7% meat, with 12% fat and 19.3% bone. For an overview of the yields of different cuts refer to the below tables.

Hindquarter Cuts


Forequarter Cuts


All Available Cuts

We supply all cuts including bone in and boneless. We offer contract processing, boning & cutting.


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